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Weex CLI tool set

Pre Install

some dependencies need recent version of npm to install

if your

$ npm --version

output less then 2.15.1, please run below cmd upgrade your npm at first

sudo npm install -g npm


$npm install -g weex-toolkit


$weex foo/bar/input_path  [options]  

$weex create file_name  [options]

  --qr     display QR code for native runtime, **default action**
  -o,--output  transform weex we file to JS Bundle, output path (single JS bundle file or dir)
           [for create sub cmd] it specified we file output path                    
  --watch  using with -o , watch input path , auto run transform if change
  -s,--server  start a http file server, weex .we file will be transforme to JS
           bundle on the server , specify local root path using the option
  --port    http listening port number ,default is 8081            
  --wsport  websocket listening port number ,default is 8082
  -f, --force   [for create sub cmd] force to replace exsisting file(s) 
  --version show version of weex toolkit 
  --help   Show help


crate a we file(weex source file) using standard template

$weex create hello-world-weex

a file named 'hello-world-weex.we' we be created in current directory

transform a we file to JS Bundle

$weex your_best_weex.we  -o .

your_best_weex.we will be transform to JS Bundle file your_best_weex.js , saved in your current directory

transform a we file to JS Bundle , watch this file ,auto run transformer if change happen.

$weex your_best_weex.we  -o . --watch

transform every we file in a directory

$weex we/file/storage/path  -o outputpath

every we file in we/file/storage/path we be transform to JS Bundle , saved in outputpath path

preview your we file using Weex Playground App

download & install weex playground App

$weex your_best_weex.we  --qr

a QR code will display in your terminal , using Playground App scan that.

start http server

$weex -s .

a http server will start running , your current directory(.) will be the document root for the server , every weex .we file will be transforme to JS Bundle when access through the server

Issue & Feedback

Github Issue List

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