How to debug in html5 renderer ?


Since weex-html5 can run on a modern mobile browser, it's naturally supported to debug weex-html5 code in browsers' dev tools. Use browser's devTools to iterate, debug and profile your weex-html5 app. Take chrome's debug tool as a example:

chrome's debug tool


Use elements' panel to inspect the layout and design of the weex-html5 page, and manipulate the DOM and CSS to do some experiment freely.


You can use console.log to log infomation on console, but it's hightly recommended to use nativeLog instead, since nativeLog can run on a native platform besides on a browser. The defect of nativeLog is that it's not supported to trace it from the console to the source file which the nativeLog is called in, therefore in this situation you'd better use console.log, and you should make sure this code will not run on native platform (otherwise a exception or a crash will be caused).


You can set breakpoints to debug code. Breakpoints are one of the most effective way to debug code. Breakpoints enable you to pause script execution and then investigate the call stack variable values at that particular moment in time.

Manual breakpoints are individual breakpoints that you set on a specific line of code. You can set these via Chrome DevTools GUI, or by inserting the debugger keyword in your code.

Locate your bug

Generally speaking, there are three possible layer the bug could happen on: the renderer (weex-html5), the js-framework (weex-js-framework) and the transformer (gulp-weex).

Here are some suggestions to locate your bug so that you can recognize which layer the bug is on:

  • check the console for errors. In debug mode if there is a error happend there will be info about it on the console.
  • in bridge/receiver.js, whether the callNative function is called.
  • whether the supposed to be called API method is actually called and executed.
  • whether the callJS method for event firing or callback executing is called.


More info about how to debug h5 pages on chrome devTools: chrome's devTools docs

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