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A slide's player to show slides (mostly as pictures) one page by another. The default interval between two slides is 3 seconds.

Child Components

It supports all kinds of weex components as its slides, especially the indicator component which can be used only as a child component of slider.


  • auto-play: <boolean> true | false. This value determines whether the slides plays automatically after the page rendering finished. The default value is false.
  • index: <number> . This value determines the index of current shown slide. The default value is 0.

Other attributes please check out the common attributes.


common styles: check out common styles for components

  • support flexbox related styles
  • support box model related styles
  • support position related styles
  • support opacity, background-color etc.


  • change: triggerd when the slide's index is changed. The event object contains the attribute of index, which is the index number of the currently shown slide.

common events: check out the common events


    <slider auto-play="true" onchange="change" style="...">
      <image repeat="{{imageList}}" src="{{src}}" style="..."></image>

  module.exports = {
    data: {
      imageList: [{src: '...'}, {src: '...'}, ...]
    methods: {
      change: function (e) {
        // e.index

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