How to customize a native Component ?


Weex has wrapped up the most critical platform components, such as ScrollView, ListView, Text, Imageview and so on. Certainly these components can not completely meet your need. And thousands of native UI components that alwaysly be using in our project may be required to integrate into Weex easily. Fortunately, it's quite convenient to wrap up your own components that should be from any existing components.

Step By Step
  1. Customized components must inherit from WXComponent or WXContainer;
  2. @WXComponentProp(name=value(value is attr or style of dsl)) for it be recognized by weex SDK;
  3. The access levels of method must be public;
  4. The component class can not be an inner class;
  5. Customized components should not be obfuscated by tools like ProGuard;
  6. Component methods will be invoked on the UI thread, so do not contain time-consuming operations here;
  7. Weex parameter's type can be int, double, float, String, Map, List, self-defined class that implements WXObject interface;

Refer to the following example:


public class  MyViewComponent extends WXComponent{

       public MyViewComponent(WXSDKInstance instance, WXDomObject node, 
                    WXVContainer parent,  String instanceId, boolean lazy) {                
           super(instance, node, parent, instanceId, lazy);

       protected void initView() {
          //TODO:your own code ……

      public WXFrameLayout getView() {
         //TODO:your own code ………        
      public void setMyViewValue(String value) {


Component should be registered

WXSDKEngine.registerComponent("MyView", MyViewComponent.class);

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