Virtual DOM APIs

0.4 cn


Each instance has a corresponding document with the instance id. A document has many nodes which compose a node tree.


new Document(id: string, url: string?)


createElement(tagName: string, props: Object?): Element

Create a certain type Element. And the props may contain attr object and style object. e.g. createBody('div', {style: {backgroundColor: '#ffffff'}})

createComment(text: string): Comment

Create a Comment with a certain comment text.


Set a flag which means init rendering start, so each dom update will be called immediately


Set a flag which means init rendering finished, so the dom updates later will be batched in each task.

fireEvent(el: Element, type: string, e: Object?, domChanges: Object?)

Fire an certain type of event on a certain element with an event object. When the event leads to some dom changes, the fourth parameter will describe the change just like props parameter in createElement method.

Read-only & Getters

id: string
URL: string?
body: Element

body element

documentElement: Element

document element

getRef(ref: string): Node?

Get node by ref from the internal node map

Note: the documentElement will be generated automatically when a document created, and the body should to be created manually and appended to documentElement to work. The type of a body must be one of div, list or scroller.



new Node()



Read-only & Getters

ref: string
nextSibling: Node?
previousSibling: Node?
parentNode: Node?

Element extends Node


new Element(type: string, props: Object?, ownerDocument: Document)

Create an element and the props may contain attr object and style object.


DOM Tree

appendChild(node: Node)
insertBefore(node: Node, before: Node?)
insertAfter(node: Node, after: Node?)
removeChild(node: Node, preserved: boolean?)

Removes a child. The parameter preserved means whether destroy the removed node immediately or preserve it.


DOM props

setAttr(key: string, value: string, silent: boolean?)

If silent is true, it won't cause native calls. Used for handling event with virtual-DOM changes.

setStyle(key: string, value: string, silent: boolean?)

The silent parameter is just same as setAttr method.

setClassStyle(classStyle: Object)

The specificity of class style is lower than normal style. In another way the normal style will override the same name value in class style.

addEvent(type: string, handler: Function)
removeEvent(type: string)
fireEvent(type: string, e: any)

Read-only & Getters

toJSON(): Object

Format of {ref: string, type: string, attr: Object, style: Object, event: Array(string), children: Array}

Comment extends Node

Comment won't be passed to the rendering engine. So it's very useful as a assistant placeholder sometimes.


new Comment(value: string)


Read-only & Getters

type: string

Returns 'comment'

value: string

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