0.4 cn


Render text with specified style rule, <text> tag can contain text value only. You can use variable interpolation in the text content with the mark {{}}.

Child Components

This component supports no child components but a text content.


  • value: <string> text value of this component. This is equal to the content of <text>.

Other attributes please check out the common attributes.


  • lines: specify the text lines. Default value is 0 for unlimited.

text styles: checkout text styles

  • support color style.
  • support font-size style.
    • iOS: default vlaue 32
      • Android: platform specify
      • HTML5: default value 32
  • support font-style style.
  • support font-weight style.
  • support text-decoration style.
  • support text-align style.
  • support text-overflow style.
  • support line-height0.6.1 style.
  • not support flex-direction, justify-content, align-items which is active for child nodes, and text has no child nodes.

common styles: check out common styles for components

  • support flexbox related styles
  • support box model related styles
  • support position related styles
  • support opacity, background-color etc.


common events: check out the common events


  <text value="..."></text>
  <text style="font-size: 24; text-decoration: underline;">{{price}}</text>
  <text value="{{...}}"></text>

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